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January 11, 2017


The Golden Globes and Winston Churchill's Feminine Mystique


Winston Churchill has now won a Golden Globe. A very odd thought indeed. His victory comes as a character in The Crown, the new Netflix television series about the ascension of young Queen Elizabeth II to the throne in the 1950s. The Crown was awarded a Golden Globe Sunday as television’s Best Dramatic series.

Winston Churchill distrusted television. “Being an old and old-fashioned animal,” he once admitted, “I am no enthusiast for the TV age, in which I fear mass thought and action will be taken too much charge of by machinery, both destructive and distracting.” Churchill found it inconceivable that television might play a role in politics. With his retirement looming, however, in 1955, he agreed to make a screen test for the Conservative Television and Film Department. He was filmed at the Conservative Central Office seated behind a desk. “I am sorry to have to descend to this level but there is no point in refusing to keep pace with the age,” he informed the camera before proceeding to recite a poem from Punch magazine about the ducks in St. James Park.

“I should never have appeared on television,” he declared, when the film was later privately screened for him at Chartwell, his home. The clip would not ever be shown to the public.

Chartwell proprietor Barry Singer found himself thinking of this as he watched The Crown. He wrote about his thoughts and the series for the Hufffington Post. CLICK HERE to read.

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